2017 Red Hook Cup – Summary

Red Hook Cup Shootout

October 21st, 2017

Red Hook Cup Champion – Tim Forman

The top 10 players from the season long points race participated in our end of the season Red Hook Cup Shootout.

The Top Ten

1st     Aaron Pethic               1,470

2nd    Bill Hennekens            1,395

3rd    Keith Reichelt             1,290

4th     Kevin Hanlon              1,277

5th     Dan Lischetti               1,245

6th     Steve Clinton               1,235

7th     Tim Forman                1,233

*8th   Greg Rakow                 1,210

9th     Bob Speirs                   1,190

10th  Peter Barrow              1,125

11th  Rob Pagano                 1,122

*Did not participate in shootout

All ten players tee off on hole #1 with one player eliminated after each hole.  It came down to the final two of Keith Reichelt and Tim Forman with Tim winning after a putt off on hole #9.

Previous Winners

2014 – Per Paulsson

2015 – Taylor Keenan

2016 – Aaron Pethic

Red Hook Cup 2017 – Small


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