Men’s Member-Guest

2018 RHGC Men’s Member-Guest Invitation Letter (download PDF)


650 Route 199, Red Hook, New York 12571

Telephone (845) 758- 8652 Pro Shop

(845) 758-3672 Office

(845) 758-1628 Superintendent


RE: 2018 Men’s Member-Guest (Friday July 20th – Sunday July 22nd)


Dear Member:


The 2018 Red Hook Golf Club Men’s Member-Guest tournament is scheduled for Friday July 20th through Sunday July 22nd.  The tournament has increased in participation over the past few years growing from 86 participants in 2016, to 106 participants in 2017, and hopefully we’ll reach our goal of 120 participants (60 teams) in 2018!  We thank you in advance for supporting this tournament.


The 2018 Men’s Member-Guest Tournament fee is $350/team.


Please make checks payable to “RED HOOK GOLF CLUB”, and mail to the club at               650 Route 199, Red Hook, NY  12571.


You can also pay in cash or drop checks off to Head Pro Doug Wiltsie in the Pro Shop.  (Please do not send cash through the U.S. Mail.)


The tournament fee includes the following:

  • All golf and carts for the entire weekend (including the Friday practice round)
  • Buffet dinner on Friday
  • Breakfast before play on both Saturday and Sunday
  • Deli lunch on Saturday, and a barbecue lunch following play on Sunday
  • Range and practice facilities available all weekend
  • 2018 RHGC Member-Guest gifts




As the deadline approaches we will begin to cut off the field to make even flights of 6 teams per flight.  Once a flight is filled with 6 teams, subsequent teams signing up after that will be placed on a waiting list until another even number of 6 teams have signed up.  The maximum number of teams for the Member-Guest tournament will be set at 60 teams.







To kick off the weekend, there will be an optional Practice Round held on Friday July 20th.  Tee times for the practice round will be available from early morning until about 1:30 PM, with the goal that people will be finished in time for the dinner (approximately 6:00 PM) and Calcutta (approximately 7:00 PM) later that evening.  As part of the practice round, there will be an optional team better ball event in which cash prizes will be paid out for both gross and net.  There will also be a cash skins event for both gross and net during the practice round.  Participation in the side events during the Practice Round is optional.  Entry fee into the side events are not included in the event fee.



The cash Calcutta will be held directly after dinner on Friday evening.  A new wrinkle to the Calcutta for this year:  you can purchase your team for a set fee of $350 cash.  This cash payment must be made prior to the start of the Calcutta auctioneering, or else your team is placed back into the teams being auctioned off.  (DO NOT SEND ANY CALCUTTA PAYMENT IN WITH YOUR TOURNAMENT FEE!  YOU CAN PAY IN THE PROSHOP AHEAD OF TIME OR AT THE START OF THE CALCUTTA).  More details to follow.





  • The Men’s Member-Guest tournament will consist of a “round robin” 2-PERSON TEAM BETTER BALL MATCH PLAY in which you will play each team within your flight one time.
  • There will be three (3) 9 hole matches on Saturday, and two (2) 9 hole matches on Sunday.
  • All play will take place from the WHITE tees.
  • All scoring will be conducted based on NET scores.
  • Each 9 hole match will be worth 10 points.
    • Each hole won within the match is worth 1 pt
    • Each hole halved within the match is worth ½ pt
    • An outright win of the match is worth an additional 1 pt
    • A halve of the match is worth an additional ½ pt
  • Team with the most accumulative points at conclusion of the “round robin” will be the flight winner.
  • The respective flight winners will then play off to determine the overall 2018 Men’s Member-Guest Winner.


Additional details and event agenda will be provided in advance of the tournament.


Additional guests are invited to the Friday night buffet dinner ($25/add’l guest), and Sunday barbecue ($15/add’l guest).  Please submit additional guest information on the appropriate spot on the Member-Guest Form (next page).


Foster’s 19th Hole has hired a band for Saturday night (July 21st); we encourage attendees and any other guests to come out and enjoy the festivities.  More details to follow on potential dinner specials that night.


Please join us for what we know will be a fun-filled event to showcase our club to be enjoyed by both the Red Hook Golf Club members and their guests.




2018 RHGC Tournament Committee

Aaron Pethic, Jeff DiMaio, Bob Hildreth, Gail Hulle, Greg Rakow, Doug Wiltsie















Member Name: ____________________________


Member Shirt Size (Circle One):         S          M         L          XL       XXL    XXL



Guest Name: ______________________________             Guest Handicap ________________


Guest Shirt Size (Circle One):            S          M         L          XL       XXL    XXL



TEAM FEE:           $350


Additional Guest(s) for Friday Buffet Dinner:


$25 / additional guest       X     ________(number of additional guests)   =    $   ______________


Friday Buffet Dinner Guest(s) Names:


GUEST 1:__________________


GUEST 2:__________________


**Please note that the dinner buffet will consist of steak and chicken.  Salmon will be made available to participants/guests but only if they request it with this form, and the form is received by Sunday July 1st



Additional Guest(s) for Sunday Barbecue:


$15 / additional guest      X    _________(number of additional guests)   =   $  ______________


Sunday Barbecue Guest(s) Names:


GUEST 1:__________________


GUEST 2:__________________


TOTAL ____________________


Please make checks payable to “RED HOOK GOLF CLUB” and submit check and Guest Info to ProShop by Sunday July 1, 2018.  You can also pay in cash at the ProShop at any time prior to Sunday July 1, 2018.

2018 Women’s Dutchess County Amateur Golf Tournament – Tournament Champions Flight Round 1

This tournament is held to honor the women golfers of Dutchess County. It’s open to all women golfers who live and/or have a handicap index in the county.

Flag Tournament

2018 RHGC Flag Tournament Flyer PDF

Date:               Sunday July 1, 2018

(sign up in Pro Shop on Sunday July 1, 2018 prior to play)

** Weather Permitting **

Time:               Your own tee time

Cost:                $5/person



  • 18 holes, individual play
  • Play from any set of tees you’d like, your allotted strokes will be assigned based on your handicap from the tees selected.
  • Obtain U.S. Flag from ProShop prior to play
  • ProShop will provide player with number of allotted strokes based on tees selected, and attach name to U.S. Flag for identification purposes
  • Play your normal round, putting everything out!
  • When you have struck your last allotted handicap stroke, place U.S. Flag where the ball comes to rest (if on the green, please simply place at edge of green out of the way of normal play, but record approximately how far you were from the pin on your scorecard)
  • *If last allotted stroke results in an O.B. or other hazard, place U.S. Flag at location of where ball was struck from
  • The goal is to get as far as you can on the course before your allotted strokes are up
  • In case of instances where individual(s) finish the round and have allotted strokes remaining, tie-breaker will be based on which competitor had more allotted strokes remaining



  • Pro-Shop credit, number of places paid out will be based on

number of people participating

  • Club will announce winners via e-mail


President’s Cup

2018 RHGC President’s Cup

Date:               Saturday June 9th and Sunday June 10th, 2018

(sign up by Thursday June 7, 2018)

** Weather Permitting ** (If there is a rain out on Saturday, then Sunday will become a          2-Person best ball, Gross and Net, against the entire field, prizes awarded based on number of participants per USGA recommendations.  If Sunday’s round gets rained out, then all money will be refunded to the paid participants, no makeup will be made.)

Time:               AM times as determined by ProShop

Cost:                $20 / person


  • 2-person best ball, MATCH PLAY, with handicap (no gross),
  • Tees: Men = White, Women = Red
  • 4 teams per flight (flights determined by combined team handicap and committee discretion)
  • 4 – 9 hole matches (2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday)
  • Each 9 hole match is worth 10 pts
    • 1 pt for a hole won
    • ½ pt for a hole halved
    • Outright win of a 9 hole match earns your team an additional 1 pt
    • A halve of a 9 hole match earns your team an additional ½ pt
  • Play each team in your flight once over the course of the first three 9-hole matches
  • Within each flight, the top two point earning teams after the conclusion of 27 holes, play against each other in the fourth and final 9-hole match
  • Within each flight, the bottom two point earning teams after the conclusion of 27 holes, play against each other in the final 9 hole match.
  • Cumulative team point totals from the first three 9-hole matches DO NOT reset for the final 9 hole match, so every team is still “alive” and technically the 3rd/4th place teams still have a chance to move up into the money positions.
  • Within each flight, the team with the most cumulative points wins 1st place, the team with the second most cumulative points wins 2nd Tiebreakers will be determined by conducting a sudden death playoff hole at the discretion of the Tournament Committee / Head Pro.  (If a member of the Tournament Committee is involved, then the playoff will be conducted at the sole discretion of the Head Pro.)


  • Pro-Shop credit for top two teams in each flight (money stays within each flight)


2018 Tournament Committee:  Jeff DiMaio, Bob Hildreth, Gail Hulle, Aaron Pethic, Greg Rakow, Doug Wiltsie

Senior / Super-Senior Open

2018 RHGC Senior-Super Senior

Date: Saturday June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd, 2018 (sign up by Thursday May 31, 2018)

** Weather Permitting ** (Tournament may become a 1-day event depending on weather)


Saturday – AM tee times through Pro Shop

Sunday – assigned AM tee times based on standings after Saturday’s round


  • Seniors (Ages 55 – 69), Super Seniors (Ages 70+)
  • Individual play
  • 36 Holes (18 holes Saturday, 18 holes Sunday)
  • Stableford Scoring Format
    • 8 pts – Eagle or better
    • 4 pts – Birdie
    • 2 pts – Par
    • 1 pt – Bogey
    • 0 pts – Double Bogey or worse
  • Competition for Men is from the White Tees, Women are from the Red Tees
  • Tee times for Sunday are determined by Pro-Shop/Tournament Committee based on Saturday’s standings


  • Pro-Shop credit for Senior (Gross & Net), Super Senior (Gross & Net)
  • Number of places paid out will be based on number of individuals participating